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Remembering Charlie Boy

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We Miss You Charlie Boy!!!

Charlie Boy
Bryan Anderson

Charlie Boy

I will never forget you my little angel, U were always happy and had a huge grin on your face when ur favorite tv show came on or i spread out the blanket for bedtime.

I miss how you would always climb on the couch with me and watch handy manny and look back at me with that huge grin that you always had. You never knew sadness and was soo strong, U were always cheerful and warmed my heart when i was lonely my little man.

I know ur in a better place with ur pacifier watchin over daddy sayin ba ba ba tryin to tell me its goin to be ok, u were the best son i could ever have and nobody can ever replace you, as i rubbed your cold arm one last time a final breath came out of you to let me know you are at peace,RIP Charlie boy u will always live on in my heart
I love you Charlie boy

By: Bryan Charles Anderson 4/8/2011
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For My Little Brother
by Sherry Jantzen on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 1:40am via Android

Can't sleep. Thinking about my hurting family...
I haven’t written anything in a very long while.
But these words keep ringing through my head and heart,
"Just remember me, when you are feeling a little blue.
Please don't forget that I am hurting too.
I may not feel exactly what you do,
but let me do my sisterly job,
and share this burden with you.
Although our eyes are dry of tears,
Our hearts will feel heavy for many years.
I love you, my little brother!!!
I love you like no other!!!
So when your world is dark and grey,
try to remember to send some love my way."

Note to my kids
by Dave on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 2:16am via text

I to went to bed and like you couldn't sleep,
Now reading you story makes we weep.
As neither could sleep you should have given a call,
Sometimes we really miss you being just down the hall.
We love you all more than ever before,
Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be just next door...
You could search the land near and far but a better Big Sister will never be found,
because sweetheart, that job you've got down...
— Dad

Note from our dear friend Brooke
on Friday, April 14, 2011 via Facebook

I wanted to tell you I've been thinking about you guys and Charlie alot.
You said when I figured out what to say to let you know, so here goes:

A lot of people have been saying RIP Charlie...and I say no way.
Charlie you ARE such an energetic little boy who always has a smile on your face. Please run amongst the clouds and enjoy your childhood with your loved ones, fly on the wings of angels and never feel pain, laugh in ways earth never will allow, and keep your family on earth safe.

While we may not be able to feel your warm embrace and you have left your place of belonging far before your time, you live on in the hearts and spirits of those who loved you. You have taught us earthly beings how to love, smile, show compassion, and love each other. You have brought friends and family together that time has led astray. You have a big job to do and you are doing a great!

Until we meet again may you never know pain and always know love. May you smile everyday and have peaceful dreams at night. May you watch over those suffering and share the love that you hold. May you be in peace but continue all the hard work you have done while in the arms of angels.

We love you Charlie Boy and we will always remember...

Love you guys!
— Brooke

Charlie you will live in our hearts forever

Donations can be made in memory of Charles Bryan Anderson to UC Davis Children’s Hospital.
Bryan's neonatologist was trained here and transferred to Kaiser Morse Ave.
Make an online donation in memory of Charles Bryan Anderson -
Enter "Charles Bryan Anderson" in the This gift is box on the form...
Campaign for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) -

Kale a hui hou kakou (Until we meet again Charlie)
See you on the other side
Me ke aloha pumehana ( Love always )

Charles Bryan Anderson
"Charlie Boy"
Born 7-14-2009 Crossed over(*) 4-6-2011

Charlie lived in Tracy, CA. He loved to play with his toys and magnets. He would laugh and dance around or cuddle when Mickey Mouse Club House or Handy Manny would come on. Charlie loved to visit the airport, sit in Grandpa’s Airplane and we would watch him run with arms out and his head held high looking at the planes and clouds. Days after his death as we were flying near the clouds, we could imagine Charlie lying on one of the big fluffy ones, with his big Blue eyes and big smile. I know we will never look at a the clouds again, without thinking of Charlie in the heavens above. In honor and memory of Charlie 8LK is being christened Kale Lani (Heavenly Charlie).

Charlie’s Grave Side Service was held on April 16, 2011 at the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery, 6600 Donlon Way, in Dublin, California at 11 AM. Charlie's survivors include his Parents, Bryan Anderson and Katie Palmer, Grandparents, Dave and Trina Anderson and Christine and Brian Palmer of Tracy, CA. Great Grandparents, Chuck and Dee Anderson of Dublin, CA. And Great Grandmother Katie Nielsen of Ripon, CA. Great Grandmother Pat Palmer of Jackson, CA. Great-Great-Grandmother Mary Duley of Cleavland OH. And Aunt Sherry Jantzen (Anderson) and Uncle Gordon Jantzen, Cousin Alex Jantzen, Aunt Danielle Anderson, Uncle Mark Anderson, Aunt Lisa Anderson and Uncle Will Palmer, along with too many to list Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends.

(*) At Hawaiian funerals, we talk about the Aumakua. The Aumakua are the deceased, family and friends, who are waiting on the other side to welcome the new soul. It is a Hawaiian belief that on the other side, we are welcomed by loved ones and thus not alone. The Aumakua also protect the living until their time has come.

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Why didn't we wear black?
While we live in California by need, in our hearts (as many of our Dear Friends who know who they are know), Hawaii is home.
In Hawaii, it customary to wear every color, and all kinds of flowers are used.
People at the ceremony mostly wear aloha wear, rarely black. Often the family wears white. Sometimes the family will buy assorted dresses/skirts/aloha shirts so everyone is dressed the same almost like a group.
Leis can be given to the family members, put around their necks with a hug or draped over a picture with the deceased. Or sometimes they get put over the open or closed casket, sometimes they get put into the casket (Charlie had both over and inside).

Charlie's Leis from 4/16/2011 were placed in the care of our Dear Friends Tia and Troy and on Monday the 18th they headded to Maui for release into the Sea.

We'd like to thank our Dear Friend Brooke for the idea and making it happen. And Dear Friends Cathy, Rick, Ashley, Lindsy, and Matt for making it all come together.
We'd like to thank our Dear Friends Austin and Greg for a wonderful service and handing off the care of our beloved Charlie in such a heart felt way.
We'd like to thank our Dear Friends Jim and Katrina for we were able to rest easier knowing that Charlie was in their loving care.
We'd like to thank the wonderful folks at Hotchkiss for making the difficult less so and helping us rest easier knowing that Charlie was in their loving care.
We'd like to thank ALL of our Dear Friend, neighbors and co-workers as we don't know how we could have made it through this with out ALL of you.
For all of us that Charlie's passing has brought closer, let us not drift apart. Let his love keep us bonded closer together.

Kale a hui hou kakou (Until we meet again Charlie) See you on the other side...
Me ke aloha pumehana ( Love always )
E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe (May blessings ever be with you)

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